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BeelzebubThat's Raonic.3 hours 24 min ago
JulienRaonic wo4 hours 25 min ago
BeelzebubI don't know.5 hours 16 min ago
JulienWhy not after Bercy?!?1 day 2 hours ago
BeelzebubBenneteau will retire after US Open.3 days 1 hour ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 16/04/2018): 23.Edmund,47.Sandgren,56.Tiafoe,59.Fucsovics,83.Bhambri3 days 7 hours ago
oliveAndujar won a challenger (Alicante) the week before ! Not surprised seeing him in final.3 days 9 hours ago
BeelzebubYes, very remarkable!4 days 1 hour ago
JulienWhat a comeback from Andujar!4 days 1 hour ago
BeelzebubAnd they never played on clay!5 days 3 hours ago
BeelzebubI thought sometime he must win!!!!!5 days 3 hours ago
JulienEuh Simon?5 days 5 hours ago
JulienWhy did you pick Gasquet? :)5 days 6 hours ago
BeelzebubSimon can't beat Gasquet, now 0:8!5 days 7 hours ago
BeelzebubMarrakech 1/4 finals saturday 12:00 parallel on 4 courts!6 days 3 hours ago
oliveHe is always a dangerous player to play specially on Clay, specially in First round, specially in Morocco, specially when you have played a 5 hours match, 2 days before... so not so embarrasing !1 week 13 hours ago
oliveFrom 2 years, he played only on Futures Circuit with lot of victories, but his shape is not very good. In Career, he won 24 Futures Tournaments and 3 Challengers.1 week 13 hours ago
oliveHe had a lot of injuries in 2010, 2011 and 2012 which stop his improvement. He had difficulty with his federation and decided to switch his nationality to become moroccan in 2013.1 week 13 hours ago
oliveI share, not so embarrasing, lot of things to say about Lamine Ouahab. Former rank 4 Junior Player in 2002 ! He was a talented player but never broken through Top 100 (Best Rank 114 in 2009) because of his nationality (Algerian) said his father,.1 week 13 hours ago