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Julienlol8 hours 5 min ago
BeelzebubYou're scaring me. I miss your Raonic-forecasts. At least you still have your Cuevas-forecasts. I still have hope :-)8 hours 31 min ago
JulienNope, the serious one is back! He can't play seriously every year! :)8 hours 38 min ago
BeelzebubIs this the same Fox as last year?8 hours 53 min ago
JulienAnd if Stan win today, he's taking the lead of the year main ranking!11 hours 49 min ago
JulienHudge week from Fox! 2 titles won, make him the new titles leader on Tennis Forecast!11 hours 49 min ago
JulienWell, for sute, on the paper it's not the match that anybody dream, but their match on the Australian Open was pretty entertaining!11 hours 50 min ago
JoAnybody else really enjoying that stellar of a semi final between Isner and Isner Jr?16 hours 47 min ago
BeelzebubBtw, I did not really kill a cat. It was only a disappointed shout.1 day 1 hour ago
BeelzebubI needed a valve to let out my anger!1 day 2 hours ago
NicoNo more food in the fridge?1 day 4 hours ago
JulienSo why did you kill the cat!?! :)1 day 7 hours ago
BeelzebubNo!1 day 21 hours ago
JulienIs it an German expression?1 day 23 hours ago
BeelzebubI kill the cat!2 days 23 min ago
BeelzebubNot my week in this forecast lottery...2 days 25 min ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 11/02/2019): Minaur,29.Tiafoe,36.Herbert,46.Berrettini,69.Londero,79.Albot,89.Opelka,97.Gunneswaran,98.L.Harris,100.P.Sousa6 days 10 hours ago