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JulienSorry Byron :( Too dangerous to pick Thiem at this time of the year.1 min 30 sec ago
ByronWhoops, I meant to say still a very exciting finish to the year!!! Congrats Nikoz! Next year should be even more exciting with Murray and Stan back in contention...!!!7 hours 1 min ago
ByronStill a very nice finish7 hours 1 min ago
BeelzebubCongratulation Nikoz!7 hours 46 min ago
NikozAmen7 hours 48 min ago
Byron99.9% of the time, I like Jack Sock... what an incredible few weeks he is having!21 hours 49 min ago
BeelzebubI'm will stay on #5 at year-end...2 days 1 hour ago
ByronVamos Grigor!2 days 8 hours ago
BeelzebubI'm out???2 days 17 hours ago
Julienbetween Byron & Nikoz3 days 44 min ago
JulienSo, Goffin/Thiem will determinate the number one of 2017!3 days 44 min ago
JulienBeelzebub also out.3 days 45 min ago
JulienOlive & Yann4444 out for number one spot!3 days 46 min ago
JulienOlivier: 1/2 Goffin, Zverev F Dimitrov V Federer3 days 1 hour ago
JulienOk. My mystake. We forecast after first matches.4 days 1 hour ago
BeelzebubThis week no Top 100 Player have a new Career High Rank.4 days 3 hours ago
BeelzebubFilip Peliwo grabs first ATP Challenger title!5 days 1 hour ago
BeelzebubIf we forecast after the second match it's harder to get points against the others!5 days 1 hour ago
ByronYes, the ATP is calling this Chung's first title !!!5 days 9 hours ago
BeelzebubWill this be count as official title for Chung?5 days 15 hours ago
ByronOh... I just realize I misunderstood the scores... Chung won the Next Gen event!5 days 20 hours ago
ByronThe Next Gen final we wanted: Chung (my pick) vs. Medvedev (Beelzebub's pick)5 days 21 hours ago
BeelzebubIn the last years we forecast before the second match of the group!6 days 4 hours ago
JulienATP Finals London Forecast: We forecast before the start of the third match of the group.6 days 14 hours ago