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JoRoger announced he will be playing @ French Open next year. Yes!2 hours 14 min ago
JoOh what a surprise!1 day 3 hours ago
BeelzebubMedvedev don't play in Moscow. Replaced by Milojevic. Possible 1/4 finalists: Milojevic (LL), Kachmazov (WC) or Avidzba (WC). What a draw!1 day 3 hours ago
Mani@julien omg the first championship :)1 day 19 hours ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 14/10/2019): 11.Berrettini,17.Auger-Aliassime,33.Hurkacz,37.Opelka,48.Bublik,51.Londero,75.M.Ymer,95.Caruso2 days 16 hours ago
JoI think Medvedev is only playing because it's in Russia. He's very patriotic like all Russians. If it was only Stockholm & Antwerp this week, or any 250 I'm sure he would have not played.3 days 2 hours ago
JulienFirst title for Mani!3 days 18 hours ago
JulienIt's not like Kafelnikov, he doesn't play doubles :)3 days 19 hours ago
NicoHe's like KAfenikov he loves $$$$$$ He will pay for it doesn't make any sense.3 days 21 hours ago
JulienMedvedev is playing in Moscow!4 days 18 hours ago
JulienPoints updated!4 days 21 hours ago
JoAnd now on a 6/6 win-roll in semi-finals!5 days 56 min ago
JoMedvedev is 12/12 wins in a quarter final this year so far!5 days 4 hours ago
JoTsitsipas also in for London Finals.6 days 2 hours ago
JoAm I crazy or has Mladenovic lost a lot of weight?6 days 10 hours ago
JulienUninterest week for forecasters!6 days 17 hours ago