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JoFED withdraws from Madrid but will be in Geneva before RG.2 days 11 hours ago
JulienBut I keep the title! ;)4 days 5 hours ago
JulienOh non I didn't see that!!! :(4 days 5 hours ago
JoHaha true I agree with Olive! 5 days 10 hours ago
oliveYou put Christian Ruud instead of Casper Ruud, so you're not the Champion, Julien ! :p5 days 13 hours ago
JulienPoints already updated! Fox is the champion! Not deserve it but picking Ruud made the difference!6 days 2 hours ago
JulienYes! it was time!!6 days 2 hours ago
JoJust like Miami there will be a news Masters 1000 champion !6 days 3 hours ago