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BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 15/10/2018): 13.Coric,19.Cecchinato,21.Medvedev, Minaur,33.Millman,40.Ebden,50.Lajovic,51.Herbert,52.Berrettini,88.Hurkacz,92.Andreozzi,97.Ivashka,99.Humbert3 days 1 hour ago
ByronSorry about DelPo's fractured knee cap. Ugh! Also wondering if anyone can challenge Djokovic the rest of the season...3 days 5 hours ago
BeelzebubOh yes!3 days 8 hours ago
JulienPaes, 45 years old, still winning challenger tournaments in double!3 days 9 hours ago
BeelzebubJulien as his coach would have not allowed him to play Shanghai!3 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubSeems two events in a row it was just too much for Delpos fragile body.3 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubI like to see the living legends wins. For me it will never be boring. I don't want conditions like in WTA tennis!3 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubNow he can spare his wrist!3 days 19 hours ago
JulienI knew that something was going wrong with Delpo legs :)3 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubRace to London becomes exciting!3 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubOK Women tennis!3 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubFootball is boring, or golf. Snooker! But not tennis!3 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubTENNIS ISN'T BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3 days 20 hours ago
NikozDelpo's year ends. Knee cap is fractured. Tennis is back to boring.3 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubI want a statement!3 days 21 hours ago
BeelzebubThis should not be possible! ATP - please check!3 days 21 hours ago
BeelzebubVery weird!3 days 22 hours ago
JulienJulien Benneteau is still playing !?! Weird, maybe he has hope about playing the Davis Cup final! Herbert is back on the court and also playing well...4 days 7 hours ago
Julienand Delpo was looking very slow the last days...4 days 19 hours ago
JulienCoric beat Fed on grass in halle so it's not a big surprise :)4 days 19 hours ago
ByronExcellent prediction of Coric in the final!4 days 19 hours ago
BeelzebubFor the second week in a row, it will be Federico Delbonis vs. Christian Garin in an ATPChallenger final!4 days 20 hours ago
Julien:) Why I picked Jarry...4 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubThis could become the 3rd ever Master 1000 - 2860 points-forecast! And the 2nd from Fox, 1st was also in Shanghai!4 days 20 hours ago
Julienlol indeed :)4 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubFinally Fox have success with one of his ambitious forecasts ;-)4 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubThis final I had not in my head.4 days 20 hours ago
JulienFox is back on track!! euh maybe not :)4 days 20 hours ago
BeelzebubWhat a week for Fox!4 days 20 hours ago