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NicoHe'll be beaten by both anyway1 hora 24 mins ago
JoNico, if no Djoko next year Rafa beats Roger's gran Slam record!12 horas 15 mins ago
NicoGood. He should take next year as well, a shoulder takes a while to recover. Almost as much it takes me to recover from his boredom.15 horas 9 mins ago
JoDjoko is supposed to come back in Tokyo but rumour has it that he's going to undergo an operation to heal his shoulder and might be out for the rest of the season!17 horas 26 mins ago
JoNico is so happy about that.1 día 13 horas ago
JoDjoko passes Connors (268) with 269th weeks as #1, next week he will be tied with Lendl (270) and will become 3rd behind Fed and Sampras after that. 1 día 15 horas ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 16/09/2019): 85.Koepfer,88.Paul2 días 11 horas ago
NicoTalking about Clijsters I just passed her house in Knokke yesterday.2 días 16 horas ago
BeelzebubI would say "ATP Cup" is a rebranded "World Team Cup".3 días 23 horas ago
JoI think it's more a rebranded Hopman Cup. 27/30 top ranked players have already committed to participate!4 días 42 mins ago
ByronUmm, the "ATP Cup"? What is that? Is it a rebranded Davis Cup? I'm confused...4 días 3 horas ago
JulienI like Golovin :)4 días 20 horas ago
JoShe used to date Gasquet and also Nasri (French football player) she retired when she was only 20yo due to severe back injuries, she's now 315 días 1 hora ago
BeelzebubI do not even know what this woman looks like. :-)5 días 8 horas ago
BeelzebubI've heard the name before. But I have to admit that I do not follow women's tennis so much.5 días 8 horas ago
JoIn that case I have another one for you. Tatiana Golovin is also coming back. 11 years after retiring.5 días 11 horas ago
BeelzebubI love comebacks!5 días 21 horas ago
JoWTA news if anyone cares. Clijsters is coming out of retirement for the second time. Age 36.6 días 2 horas ago