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BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 20/05/2019): 6.Tsitsipas,11.Fognini,28.Auger-Aliassime,41.Norrie,52.Munar,61.Humbert,63.Ruud,90.Bublik15 horas 55 mins ago
JoDimitrov had to go through 2 qualifying rounds to enter the final draw at Geneva. Times are tough :/19 horas 13 mins ago
BeelzebubTsitsipas: "I think Rafa's game was the same like last week. The court was different, much slower. I guess that helps him. He feels more sure with himself, has more time to execute his plan. The Court Speed Was The Difference"1 día 15 horas ago
ByronLol, Jo. I feel the same way!1 día 15 horas ago
JoInteresting fact (or not) Rafa in Rome is the first/only player to keep a trophy from last year.1 día 17 horas ago
JulienFox still number one!1 día 17 horas ago
JoSo Rafa chose the ONLY time I didn't place him winner on clay to win a tournament on clay. Sure. Thanks buddy.1 día 17 horas ago
JulienNadal will win today.1 día 21 horas ago
JulienWhy Dexter? He put Nadal only in semis, not final...1 día 21 horas ago
NicoDexter has missing point too for Nadal2 días 3 horas ago
ByronMy score is wrong. I have Djokovic in the final, like others...2 días 8 horas ago
JoNo winner this week. Djoko is going to be very tired tomorrow compared to Rafa. Might be his first title of the year, finally! 2 días 8 horas ago
JulienWell you're right! Vamos Rafa!! It's not every day I said that... :)2 días 13 horas ago
ByronVamos Rafa!2 días 18 horas ago
JulienI stopped watching after first set...2 días 22 horas ago
BeelzebubA.Zverev replaced Fognini in Geneva next week.3 días 34 mins ago
JoAwesome match between Djoko & Del Potro. Should've been the final..!3 días 8 horas ago
BeelzebubDexter now on title-course!3 días 13 horas ago
JoSanctions against Kyrgios: 20.000€ fine + his prize money for Rome + he has to refund his hotel room and he will lose his 45pts for Rome. 4 días 2 horas ago
JulienCoric must beat Fed on Clay, shame on him!!!4 días 14 horas ago
BeelzebubJo could be the winner this week.4 días 14 horas ago
BeelzebubI quit here!!!4 días 14 horas ago
BeelzebubI always make the same mistake - to forecast against Federer!!!4 días 14 horas ago
BeelzebubI also!!!!!!!!!!!4 días 14 horas ago
JulienCoric jumps off bridge... also Fox!4 días 15 horas ago
JoDefinitely there's only one Kyrgios.4 días 20 horas ago
Nicoyeah I took my dices5 días 4 horas ago
JoKyrgios' interview is out of this world :'D trashing Verdasco, Rafa and Djoko!5 días 10 horas ago
JoRoma organisers apparently refused to refund the tickets for today even though no matches in the men's section were played #italianmafia5 días 10 horas ago
CédricForecasting is so hard5 días 13 horas ago
CédricIn ROMA5 días 13 horas ago
Cédric55 matchs tomorrow !!!5 días 13 horas ago
BeelzebubStill no schedule for tomorrow.5 días 14 horas ago
BeelzebubNo serious forecast possible!5 días 15 horas ago
BeelzebubScheiß Regen.5 días 15 horas ago
JoMaybe I spoke too fast for Medvedev :'D6 días 19 horas ago
JulienCuevas is playing double with Delpo in Roma! The guy doesn't want to take a week off...1 semana 39 mins ago
JoSinner VS Tsitsipas should be fun to watch.1 semana 1 hora ago