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BeelzebubMatches lost, despite match point: Federer 24, Nadal 8, Djokovic 311 horas 27 mins ago
JulienI have Dids forecasts on my phone.17 horas 28 mins ago
JoUS Open announced the 2019 prize money: 57 million dollars. It's now the most lucrative of all the tournaments of the year $$$18 horas 44 mins ago
BeelzebubNo Dids-Forecast this week?1 día 7 horas ago
BeelzebubCool, only one person can win the title.1 día 7 horas ago
JoHaha 6 identical forecasts @ Newport :-D1 día 9 horas ago
JulienOh!2 días 7 horas ago
BeelzebubNew on Tennis Forecast: Alec Deckers, the son of Richard Krajicek & Daphne Deckers!3 días 8 horas ago
JoOh yes, right, my bad.3 días 18 horas ago
BeelzebubNo Jo. He is tied with his highest ranking from 2016.3 días 20 horas ago
JoBeelzebub: I think you forgot Augut.4 días 2 horas ago
BeelzebubStebe should begin to win matches!4 días 6 horas ago
BeelzebubDaniel Brands finished his career after Wimbledon.4 días 7 horas ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 15/07/2019): 8.Khachanov,9.Fognini,10.Medvedev,30.Fritz,43.Thompson,48.Humbert,66.Kecmanovic,81.Moutet,85.L.Harris,91.Popyrin,97.Schnur4 días 10 horas ago
JoSecond grand Slam in a row that Federer/Djoko/Rafa are the SF together after French Open. Before that the last time was US Open 2010 I believe!5 días 5 horas ago
JulienAll forecasts will get 2000 points :)5 días 6 horas ago
NicoI feel sorry for those who love Federer AND predicted Federer.5 días 7 horas ago
NicoFuck Djokovic.5 días 7 horas ago
JoThat's not a super tie break!!5 días 7 horas ago
ByronHeavy sigh.5 días 7 horas ago
JoOfficially the longest final in Wimbledon. The 2nd ever longest overall after OZ 20125 días 7 horas ago
ByronOMG is this going to a tie break???5 días 7 horas ago
ByronWhat is happening???! The entire airport is on edge!!! Can Fed finish this??! I hope so...5 días 8 horas ago
ByronI'm liatening to Wimbledon radio on my phone on a ride to the airport. I have goosebumps! Vamos Roger!!!5 días 8 horas ago
JulienGo Fed!!5 días 9 horas ago
JoWhat a thriller :-o5 días 9 horas ago
JulienOh no, get ou! :)5 días 10 horas ago
TopmanFirst set to Djoko :)5 días 11 horas ago
TopmanI am for Djoko5 días 12 horas ago
JoJulien you definitely should watch a replay if you can find it. Anthology!5 días 12 horas ago
NicoToday is a winner day. Either Federer wins (which I prefer) or Did and I win Wimbledon.5 días 13 horas ago
JulienI didn't see this match :(5 días 14 horas ago
JoThe 45-hit rallye between Djoko & augut on Friday was the longest ever recorded in Wimbledon.5 días 14 horas ago
JoJulien incredible final yes!! Some of the best tennis I've seen in a long time in a double. Mahut deserves a medal for the balls that hit him in the face and... The balls lol By the way the game finished 4 minutes shy of the record for longest men-double!6 días 55 mins ago
JulienEpic Double final also!6 días 5 horas ago
JoThe level of Roger's tennis was epic.6 días 15 horas ago
JulienWow Fed!!!1 semana 5 horas ago
JoFederer just broke a new record in Wimbledon: 1398 aces served! Previous record holder was Ivanisevic with 1397.1 semana 9 horas ago
JoI kinda wish I'd placed rafa in the final. Can I still make the change mister commissioner Julien? :'D1 semana 16 horas ago