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JoSantiago ATP250 will replace Sao Paulo in 2020.4 horas 59 mins ago
JoDavis Cup match ends at 4AM! This is mad..5 horas 39 segs ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 18/11/2019): 78.Sinner1 día 7 horas ago
JulienFor sure!!3 días 2 horas ago
JoCould this be the first time a player wins ATP Masters with only previous ATP 250 wins?3 días 5 horas ago
JulienPoints updated!!The year is over!! Nico wins two tickets for the Orléans Challenger final!!! Welldone!3 días 21 horas ago
Jo(...) and I failed. But I won't fail another time Mark my word Nico. This is your last trophee!3 días 23 horas ago
JoWell done Nico! I'm upset because from OZ Open to the clay season I made some really poor choices that cost me a lot. I'd like to apologise to all you guys because exactly a year ago I swore on this page that I would end Nico's reign of terror (...)3 días 23 horas ago
BeelzebubYear end: 1.Nico,2.Jo,3.Beelzebub,4.Dids,5.Cedric,6.olive,7.Byron,8.Fox4 días 1 hora ago
JoTo be fair after Federer beat Djokovic the way he did and after Tsitsipas lost a marathon match to Rafa (therefore one day of rest extra for Fed) I would have changed my forecast if I could have. But to be honest Federer should never lose this match :/4 días 14 horas ago
ByronFair enough Jo - you, Nico and Olive predicted Tsitsipas in the final. I just thought for sure Fed was playing better... Wild finish to the season!4 días 19 horas ago
JoI did :D4 días 22 horas ago
ByronHuh. Tsitsipas. Whodathunk?4 días 23 horas ago
JoNo Zverev finished 2nd in the group and Rafa 3rd because of set average.5 días 14 horas ago
ByronWait... what? Tsitsipas vs. Federer? Did Nadal withdraw? Or did he somehow not advance? I thought we had a FEDAL semi?5 días 15 horas ago
BeelzebubNot Before 2:00 pm: Tsitsipas vs. Federer / Not Before 8:00 pm: Thiem vs. A.Zverev5 días 17 horas ago
ByronDamn, did Medvedev not win a single match? So it's Sasha vs. Domi + FEDAL in the semi's?5 días 18 horas ago
JoI think we'll have a "revenge" final on Sunday. Not the one I predicted but even better. Federer will teach Thiem his lesson!5 días 22 horas ago
ByronJust seeing the final score... What a dramatic way to set up a FEDAL semifinal!!!5 días 22 horas ago
BeelzebubZverev has it in his hands. Medvedev with no chance for semi-final.5 días 22 horas ago
JoFedal tomorrow. If Rafa makes it though the night. Another epic win I must say...5 días 22 horas ago
ByronTsitsipas leads Rafa!!! ...of course, this could go three sets, but still *exciting*6 días 50 mins ago
JoZverev is accused of using his phone during his match against Tsitsipas! This tournament is a roller-coaster!6 días 5 horas ago
BeelzebubAnd: Tsitsipas is already qualified for semi-finals. If he loses against Nadal, he stay on top of the group if Zverev defeats Medvedev.6 días 6 horas ago
BeelzebubAlso important: Nadal cannot finish second in his group. That means, if Nadal advance to the semi-finals he will face Federer.6 días 6 horas ago
BeelzebubNadal will advance to the semi-finals by beating Tsitsipas and Medvedev defeats Zverev.6 días 6 horas ago
BeelzebubZverev will advance to the semi-finals by beating Medvedev. Also by winning a set against Medvedev and Tsitsipas defeats Nadal.6 días 7 horas ago
BeelzebubMedvedev will advance to the semi-finals by beating Zverev in straight sets and Tsitsipas defeats Nadal.6 días 7 horas ago
BeelzebubThe sets are not important. It's because of the H2H between Thiem/Federer.6 días 7 horas ago
JulienWhy Thiem 1?? 4-2 Fed 4-3 Thiem in set...6 días 8 horas ago
JulienBryan Brothers have annouced that they will retire at the 2020 US Open6 días 8 horas ago
Beelzebub1.Thiem, 2.Federer!6 días 9 horas ago
JoBerretini first Italian player to ever win a match @ ATP FINALS!6 días 14 horas ago
JoAre you sure Thiem is not #1 Julien in group Borg?6 días 15 horas ago
TopmanDjokovic is out :(6 días 17 horas ago
Julien1. Fed 2 Thiem 3 Djoko 4 Berretini6 días 18 horas ago
ByronWow... and Fed beats Djokovic. I did not see any of this coming... What are the group standings now??!?6 días 18 horas ago
JulienMatch of the year tonight??6 días 20 horas ago
JoYes 7/6 6/36 días 23 horas ago
ByronMatteo beat Dominic???!!!!!6 días 23 horas ago
JoI think if Federer wins I am guaranteed to stay 2nd despite my all-in forecast. If djoko wins then not anymore.1 semana 16 mins ago
JoMaybe he will do Murray and get a robocop hip!1 semana 18 mins ago
BeelzebubTomas Berdych retire because of hip problems.1 semana 2 horas ago
NicoI think you're wrong. He never won this title and doesn't play so bad. He's 3 games away.1 semana 14 horas ago
ByronThese results *perplex* me. And, I think Jo and Julien are correct.1 semana 17 horas ago