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oliveFor the young generation ;-), Janowicz Finalist in Paris-Bercy in 2012 and Semi-finalist in Wimbledon 2013 ! :p22 horas 1 min ago
oliveFirst match won in ATP Challenger this week for Jerzy Janowicz since February 2020 ! Last ATP match win in October 2017 ! Since 2017, only 18 matchs (10 W 8 L) included 2 W 2 L in Futures this year ! 0 match in 2018, 2019 and 2021 !22 horas 3 mins ago
JoBorna Coric is back in the TOP100 after reaching QF in Cincinnati.1 día 8 horas ago
JoMaybe we can all do worse this week. Let's all give it a try.2 días 11 horas ago
JulienMaybe the worst masters 1000 Forecast of all time!! :)3 días 7 horas ago
JulienPoints updated!!3 días 7 horas ago
BeelzebubForecast Update?3 días 9 horas ago
ByronOh I see now that Beelzebub was right!3 días 14 horas ago
ByronJust seeing Jo's question... is Beelzebub correct? My instinct would have been Felix AA and Kyrgios...3 días 14 horas ago
JoYes! Well done.3 días 21 horas ago
BeelzebubKlizan & Gulbis!4 días 7 horas ago
JoAfter Alcaraz, Hurcacz is the 2nd player who failed to win his first 6 finals on the main ATP tour. There are still Only 2 players in the History of Open Era who have won their 6 first finals. Who are they?4 días 13 horas ago
BeelzebubLaslo Djere lost his last 18 tiebreaks! (New record)4 días 17 horas ago
JoOuch.. Doesn't look good for Monfils :(1 semana 14 horas ago