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JulienOlive: I think when equality, it's order by user id :) That's mean... lol7 heures 20 min ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 18/03/2019): 31.Djere,32.Pella,46.Albot,54.Hurkacz,57.Auger-Aliassime,60.McDonald,70.Garin,74.Dellien,84.Gunneswaran,95.Kecmanovic10 heures 29 min ago
Joolive: I believe when there's a draw there's no winner. Whoever posts their forecast first is shown on top of the list but to win a forecast you have to be the only one with the most points.11 heures 42 min ago
oliveJulien, which criterion determines that you are first in the general ranking ? :p11 heures 57 min ago
JoThiem /Andreescu whoever saw that coming is a freaking genius.16 heures 29 min ago
JulienNico 1590 Olive 1590 Beelzebub 1350 Fox 1350 Dids 1260 Byron 1230 Cedric 1140 Dexter 990 Jo 99017 heures 7 min ago
JulienSo, it's help to forecast from 1/8, except when you have big surprises... :(17 heures 17 min ago
JulienThe only difference between Olive & Nico forecast was Auger-Aliassime/Djere in 1/8. But it was Krajinovic...17 heures 18 min ago
JulienNo,big surprises avoid a winner title.17 heures 19 min ago
BeelzebubWould there have been a winner with forecast starting from 1/4 final?17 heures 44 min ago
JulienTsonga/Cuevas Miami Q R2?!?19 heures 8 min ago
JulienJo was right! The court is very slow! :)20 heures 13 sec ago
ByronGroan.1 jour 3 heures ago
JulienFinal is very late tonight in France... maybe I will watch it in replay tomorrow morning!1 jour 12 heures ago
JulienThiem beat Fed on grass, and played very well against Raonic. If the surface is not so fast that i'm thinking, it's not going to be so easy for Fed.1 jour 13 heures ago
JoJulien: I still think Roger has what it takes to win against Thiem. He won French Open once he knows what to do :D1 jour 13 heures ago
JoBeelzebub: Totally agree with Thiem.1 jour 13 heures ago
JulienI can't find the Index for this year.1 jour 13 heures ago
Julien jour 13 heures ago
JulienIf Fed wins, you win, by 40 pts :)1 jour 13 heures ago
ByronWow, my score is so low still ...even if Fed wins, will I have enough points to win the week?1 jour 14 heures ago
JulienH2h: 2-21 jour 14 heures ago
JulienWhen you see Federer matchs, you don't have the impression the court is slow. If the court is slow, Thiem will be Fed, no?1 jour 14 heures ago
BeelzebubI heard from Thiem: "The conditions are pretty specific. This desert air, the ball is flying fast through the air, but the place is slow here - this is a pretty special constellation with a very high ball jump. It's like a claycourt you can not slide on."1 jour 14 heures ago
JoMaybe it's just me but when I watched the games this week if it wasn't for the color on my TV I swear I thought I was watching Rome.1 jour 18 heures ago
JulienCourt is very fast and Raonic has a better kick serve than Thiem who usually needs more time to hit a ball. Head to Head 4-0 Raonic. 4-1 now...1 jour 20 heures ago
JoJulien it's hard court but the ball bounces like clay which is pretty ok for Thiem. If it was Miami it would have been another story.2 jours 3 heures ago
JulienRafa wo for Miami!2 jours 8 heures ago
JulienNo way he can loose against Thiem on hard court!2 jours 8 heures ago
JulienBad Raonic today!2 jours 8 heures ago
JulienGiron matches was great (against De Minaur & Raonic)2 jours 8 heures ago
JoLike i said2 jours 9 heures ago
JulienWO2 jours 9 heures ago
NicoHe is WO2 jours 10 heures ago
JoUpdate: Rafa is not WO let's hope he will still be able to give a good performance. At least there could be ONE good game this week. A little bit of a shame for a M1000..2 jours 11 heures ago
BeelzebubI have not thought many of the results in recent weeks possible.2 jours 13 heures ago
JulienEven if Rafa is not wo, I can't see how he could beat Fed!2 jours 15 heures ago
BeelzebubCOULD!2 jours 16 heures ago
JoRafa injured this could mean Roger will add another M1000 to his list tomorrow.2 jours 16 heures ago
BeelzebubI don't know this.2 jours 18 heures ago
Julien jours 8 heures ago
JulienWhat? You don't know The Commisioner?!? It's the "TV show" / Broadcast from John McEnroe, during all Grand Slam!! SO funny!!3 jours 8 heures ago
BeelzebubBecker seems to have got his weight problems under control.3 jours 9 heures ago
Beelzebubbtw, Becker had gotten out of the car, had cleared branches to the side, then the car had continued on the closed for private vehicles way.3 jours 9 heures ago
BeelzebubWhat is The Commisionner?3 jours 10 heures ago
JulienBut everybody looks good in The Commissioner! :)3 jours 10 heures ago
JulienBecause outside Germany, we don't know who is really he! When you're watching The Commisionner, with John he looks like a cool guy...3 jours 10 heures ago
JoTsonga was granted a wild card at Miami.. For the qualifying rounds..!3 jours 17 heures ago
BeelzebubBecker always says that he is more respected abroad than in Germany.3 jours 19 heures ago
JulienMonfils injured again!...3 jours 21 heures ago