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JoAh that's right C. Rochus hasn't won one.2 heures 43 min ago
BeelzebubErnest & William Renshaw, Gene & Sandy Mayer, Tim & Tom Gullikson, John & Patrick McEnroe, Emilio & Javier Sanchez, Alexander & Mischa Zverev3 heures 51 min ago
JoNico: Renshaws, Rochus, Sanchez, MC Enroes, Zverevs .. And of course The Williams brothers Serena & Venus.14 heures 11 min ago
NicoWayne Black 0 title, M.Zverev 117 heures 59 min ago
NicoZverev? can't remember if Mischa won a title.18 heures 46 min ago
NicoSanchez, McEnroe, mmm maybe Black?18 heures 48 min ago
NicoThe Cerundolo Brothers are trying to become the seventh pair of brothers to win singles titles in the Open Era and the first to do so in consecutive weeks. Who are the others?18 heures 50 min ago
JoNico ;-D1 jour 14 min ago
BeelzebubYes, he is not professional. Should play only show matches.1 jour 3 heures ago
NicoPaire-manently banned?1 jour 6 heures ago
BeelzebubPaire should be banned for lifetime!2 jours 2 heures ago
BeelzebubIvonikolov you was again very early. Is that your concept of being better under difficult conditions?2 jours 2 heures ago
BeelzebubIvonikolov, you can forecast after tomorrows matches. You will not receive any bonus points for your early forecast ;-)4 jours 6 heures ago
JulienMaybe he's not available during the week, he often forecast the weekend.4 jours 14 heures ago
BeelzebubIvonikolov, why you forecast every week one day before the deadline?5 jours 3 heures ago
BeelzebubTop 100 Career High Rank (as of 01/03/2021): 43.Bublik,51.Davidovich Fokina,82.Popyrin,85.Coria5 jours 7 heures ago
NicoI don't think I've ever had a week like that. Even Ivonikolov beat me.5 jours 11 heures ago
JulienYes it's rigolo!5 jours 14 heures ago
JoCerundolo was playing his first tournament on the ATP World tour. What a week.5 jours 16 heures ago
JoAnd That's a first for Popyrin!6 jours 10 heures ago